yooRyoo needs writers


Think you have a unique satirical view of Web 2.0 and want to present it to thousands – nay, millions of interested parties? Like to make fun of the latest technologies and have your content appreciated worldwide? Want to post a comedic YouTube video and actually have people view it, and not make snarky comments about your material?

Then don’t post anything on the web.

However, if you are a fan of yooRyoo and think you have the intestinal fortitude to spew publish for our site (that is, you can form complete sentences and walk at the same time and are somewhat humorous), then we want you!

Simply fill out our Submissions form, and, if you bribe us pass the audition, we’ll steal grab up your content, package it up with nasty people doing nasty things pretty pictures and animated GIFs, and spew publish it, giving you partial full credit (because, lord knows, we wouldn’t want to be directly associated with that masterpiece dreck).