Yo’ Bama – a surprising mash-up between technology and politics


Yo\' Bama - search with style and attitude

In an effort to rebuff the latest bid by Microsoft, Yahoo announced late today a surprising new mash-up, intended to bring together technology and politics once and for all. Aligning with democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama, Yahoo’s shareholders thumbed their nose at Jerry Yang by revealing¬† “Yo’ Bama” – a search engine with attitude.

“Yo’ Bama combines the natural search algorithms of the Yahoo! search engine with the elegance of an Obama speech, and delivers a natural, believable search experience that gives web searchers hope and inspiration” claims an anonymous ValleyWag blogger that had recently been “let go” due to undisclosed circumstances. “Just type in a simple search string like ‘Brangelina’s Twins” and Yo’ Bama’s search results will yield only relevant, intelligent results related to the injustices in Darfur, and the economic impact of drilling in Anwar.”

Screen shot of Yo\'Bama search

Screen shot of Yo’Bama search

This new, “improved” way to search caused an immediate ripple of excitement throughout the technology community – also causing a major backlash from detractors.

  • Rev. Jesse Jackson was nonplussed, uttering epithets under his breath while on camera and microphoned.
  • 99% of internet websites have immediately launched an online petition to grant themselves access to the search results of Yo’Bama.

The Obama camp has remained mysteriously silent about the proposed merger, but remaining Yahoo executives have been caught flashing gang signs at Steve Ballmer’s offices on the Microsoft campus.

Try Yo’ Bama search here….