TriangleHero – a new computer game for musical enthusiasts!



For gaming fans caught up in the latest instrument-playing games, we bring you TriangleHero! Join the exciting ranks of the Philharmonic orchestra and play along with such classic hits as Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, Moonlight Serenade, Mozart’s Third Movement, the 1812 Overture and the Theme from Chariot’s of Fire. Excite in the skill required by waiting 182 measures before striking your triangle-controller in syncopation to the string section! All music performed by the Milipitas Community Orchestra, replicating the sounds of major world orchestras. Available on all next-generation gaming platforms.


  1. Sweet! Being an avid fan of classical music – and I play a killer triangle – I couldn’t believe it when I picked up this game for the Wii! Nirvana, dude! It is the sweetest game – the triangle controller is sweet and easy to use – and I got a second controller for my friend, for triangle-duels! Ha – I am sooo much better than him at those syncopated lines! I beat his Beethoven all night long! This game is also great for keggers – after a few beer bongs, I am all wiped out – and yet, I still rule on the triangle!!!!