Toot 2.0 – now available for the iPhone 3G!!!


toot2.0 - toot on your iPhone

In a rush to release a new iPhone application through Apple’s iTunes store, Toot 2.0 has just been released for the new 3G platform.

Toot is a microblogging technology that allows connectivity to your online friends similar to Twitter. Using bio-tech implants, Toot allows you to automatically update your health status on the fly! Through wireless connectivity, Toot implants convey your biometric information status to a website console that integrates with all social software platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, WhoIsI). Imagine conveying your health status in 140 characters or less – what a breakthrough!!!

Now available for the iPhone, Toot 2.0 is already gaining a wide acceptance with users:

  • “I waited in line two hours at the Apple store for my iPhone, had to wait another 45 for AT&T to run a background check and initiate my cell phone account…now I can’t wait to get home and Toot on my iPhone!” said one Apple zealot.
  • Another user wrote: “I have been Tooting all day and all night since I got my new iPhone. It feels great – but I wonder if there is some way I could wash off my phone – it’s beginning to smell.”

Forget Twitter, forget FriendFeed, forget Google Talk – it’s time to Toot 2.0 on your iPhone!

Information regarding Toot1.0 can be found -> here.