Tap-o-wicki: Playahs taking it online


Tap-o-wicki has just been launched, creating a new “wiki-space” for young men to expound upon their love of “tapping this” (as in, “Yeah, I’d tap that!”). Tap-o-wicki’s business model is based exclusively on user generated content, mainly in the form of uploaded hot women’s photos and young men talking smack and bragging about their exploits with these women.

Subsequently, advertisers will then market exclusively to these sad gentlemen via Google adwords and other online incentives (i.e. “Looking for a hot girl to date? Click here…”).

Angelina Jolie

Major celebrity profiles have already been updated. Some comments from the Angelina Jolie profile include:

Grimreaper: Yeah, I tapped that. Last Wednesday. Brad was out of town. (need reference)

PencilNeck: Yo my homies, I totally tapped Angelina. Um, yo.(need reference)

Marissa Miller
Under “Marisa Miller”:

Cromagnum: Yeah, I tapd Marissa, ike 10 TIMEz. It wuz gr8!(need reference)

HiRoller: Whoa, I tapped her like 80 times, yo! (need reference)

Sarah Connor

Other more obscure postings include:

Terminator: I went back in time and tapped Sara Connor’s mother!(need reference)


Terminator: I went back in time…and fathered myself!(need reference)

The site is still in Beta, and has about a 5 second bounce rate. This is, in part, attributable to the numerous “tapped that” comments added with no references given. The robot site editors have been overclocked, attempting to prove the veracity of the aforementioned “tapping.”