TagTagg – a social bookmarking mashup


TaggTag - social bookmarking multi-player online game

Now the fun of childhood gaming springs into Web 2.0 with TagTagg. Utilizing a community-based social organizational engine, TagTagg’s technological platform allows users to find, identify and classify new blog postings and news items…and then pass the action onto their online friends! Imagine a crowd-sourced approach to item folksonomy coupled with fast-paced online gaming. Now your TagTagging!

For expanded fun, create a “TagTagg team” and attempt to befuddle your online competitors with obscure tag-terms. Find a news item about the newest iPhone, and TagTagg it with the terms “apple,” “core” and “rotten”…and then pass it on to the next team for identification. Chances are they’ll incorrectly identify the link as a recipe for a pie! Tagtagg – they’re it!!

TagTagg works with most browsers and social folksonomies, including DigDigg, DeliDeliciouss and StumbleAgainandAgain. Imbed this code into your blog posts, and let the game begin!