Study finds that people search for the weirdest things in Google


A new study released today by Picken & McCracken found that more than 95% of people using Google to search often type in crazy search terms, just to see what results they’ll find.

“I am not sure if they are trying to game the system, or just simply are playing a massive multi-player search engine game (MMPSEG) with Google,” said George Picken, author of the study,  “Either way, the search engine results are just downright whack.”

Co-author Calvin McCracken observed, “Do these people expect to yield actual results based on their search terms? Maybe they’re trying to mess with Google’s search algorythms.”

The study results have proven to be true in real life examples. Over the past year, leading social media/web 2.0 satire site has been tracking Google search terms that lead people to their website. Just today, they released their Top 20 List of actual search terms that led users to their site:

20  – horse industrial revolution

19 – vpilf clone

18 – shopping senior citizens pictures

17 – “webcam girl” rules “never look”

16 – sharpei pups

15 – elderly + web2.0+use

14 – what happens when you smoke crack

13 – how do you reach senior citizens

12 – rick astley 2008 president

11 – scary chuck norris pictures

10 – what do Americans think about Nigerians

9 – chuck norris kick

8 – “don’t screw around with me maverick”

7 – booty social network

6 – create a virtual turd

5 – yahoo is a suckass liberal trash

4 – sexy naked furbies

3 – japanese, girl, fartng

2 – engine that runs on furbies

1 – steve jobs naked

“It just doesn’t make sense,” stated yooRyoo on their blog posting today, “Are people really typing in these things into Google? And how are these terms leading to us? Don’t web searchers have anything better to do?”

Picken and McCracken were rumored to be smug about their findings.