Stryke – internet telephony with virtual missiles!


stryke - internet telephony with missilesHave you ever been irritated by that online friend who waits minutes before responding to your Instant Messages? Never fear – YooRYoo is pleased to introduce Stryke. This IM add-on seemlessly integrates with any IM application (Yahoo. MSN, Jabber, iChat, gchat and even good old-fashioned IRC), monitoring IM responses. Any friend who doesn’t respond to your IM within 30 seconds notifies our dedicated team of internet hackers…er, specialists, who bombard their computer with a suite of the latest worms, viruses and trojans.

Stryke also comes with a dashboard application, allowing you an instant global view of all your friends, and their average responses times. We can also track their email responses, and updates on your Facebook wall. Integrating this dashboard, you can launch virtual attacks on the slow-responders in your address book. Mathew Broderick never had such a sophisticated approach to his War Games!

Go pro and get access to our Storming Norton package which uses the Norton Anti-spyware update system to automagically generate a virus which is one step ahead of anything on the net! This subscription service can easily pay for itself when you integrate the “Pay-Pal-Pilfer” add-on.