Sarah Palin releases new Web 2.0 technology to offset McCain’s ignorance of computers


Who is Sarah Palin?

In a second surprise announcement today, the McCain campaign released plans for a new micro-blogging service company led by the new presumptive Vice-Presidential candidate, Sarah Palin. Mrs. Palin described the software as follows: “This is a Web-services-ready multi-device hybridized dating web-app that leverages the basic human need to connect.”

When asked for clarification from the press, she stated, “As I said, this software-as-a-service is a social-networking-aware multi-device hybridized photo web-app that leverages the potential for exponential growth.”

The McCain campaign attempted to explain: “It’s a filtered revolutionary Web 2.0 photo infrastructure that leverages the third screen. Where else can you find a Web 2.0 p2p long invite-only beta calendaring framework that leverages ubiquitous broadband?”

Confused reporters than turned to McCain for a deeper clarification. “I still don’t use a computer,” he replied, “but I do know that her software is an incentivized p2p social-networking-aware IM Firefox extension that leverages the destabilization of the music industry.”

Then in complete non-sequitors, simple sound-bytes rang out from Fox News:

  • “Sarah Palin created the very first multi-device web-services-ready open source voice infrastructure that leverages the long tail”
  • “This inexperienced female governer from Alaska is delivering to the American population the only social-networking-aware long invite-only beta revolutionary email cellphone app that leverages network effects.”
  • Tagging-enabled hybridized Web 2.0 search Firefox extension that leverages existing metadata helps to create Sarah Palin’s inventive remixable filtered disruptive calendaring desktop app that leverages the third screen.”

Sarah Palin was Ms. Alaska - once

When asked for a response, Obama’s campaign simply stated: “So what – we created the very first web-services-ready Ruby on Rails multi-device social network framework that leverages the long tail…something no one else can lay claim to.”


  1. Jeeze. I still can’t get over the fact that Sarah Palin has her own freaking reality tv show. Can anybody get a reality show nowadays? And it’s so obvious that she is only doing it to gain more popularity so that she can try to become president of the USA. The most chilling thing is that what with the way everybody worships reality tv stars, it’s just crazy enough to work! I’m not what you would call an exorbitant liberal or anything, but I would think anybody with a brain on either side of the aisle should be able to tell why we wouldn’t want someone like her being the leader of the USA.