SaaSy – a fabulous new development language for web applications


SaaSy - a new development language for web applicationsForget Ruby on Rails, forget Groovy, forget .NET or Java – straight out of the open-source community comes Saasy – a new development language created exclusively for web-based applications. Utilizing best-practices taken from Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) platforms, streamed down for optimal online use on any framework, SassY is cool hip, and smart. All the hottest new developers are using it.

“My good friend, a web developer, is using Saasy to his advantage,” commented Tommy Hilfiger at his Spring 2008 showing, “he’s exuding confidence, and style like no other developer…his clothes even match! Since he became exposed to SaaSy, he’s a new man!”

Tommy Hilfiger - he knows what it means to be SaaSy

With SaaSy, development times are cut in half. This is due, in part, to the fact that all SaaSy development code is compacted into neat, little bundles that look very fashionable, especially when worn with a sash or argyle sweaters. Implementing SaaSy into a daily development cycle frees up coders to spend less time behind computer screens, and more time to spend shopping for trendy clothes and socializing at nightclubs.

“There is no Flash when you learn to use SaaSy,” says Cojo (Steven Cojocaru), self-proclaimed “style guru” and fashion reporter for Entertainment Tonight,  “Now, all my coder ‘male-friends’ are coding in their own style – it’s fabulous!”

Cojo loves to \

While only a few people in the development community openly admit to knowing SaaSy, the trend is changing. New organizations, such as the American Styling Single Leaders Of Very Expedient Redevelopment in SaaSy, are bringing SaaSy out to the fore-front, and more and more developers are embracing this new life-style as an acceptable way of coding.