Roboo – automate your tweets!


roboo - automate your tweetsWant to take a break from tweeting? On vacation, or just living a boring life? Roboo will take over your tweets for any set period of time ranging from day, week – or forever! It can adjusted for different settings such as “A cry for help” (otherwise known as “Goth” mode), Plugged in travel warrior (Or “Boyer” mode), Spoken Word Poet (“Wangzen” mode), “Paris Hilton”, and “Get a life” (or “Boring” mode). More settings coming soon!

Ability to scrape Digg, Slate, Technorati, ZNet and more to have current commentary on the hot happenings in your world. Location specific mode available with trip specifications during major holidays.

Able to also detect pauses in twitting so that it can fill in days where you can’t be bothered, or in case of a untimely death. All major credit cards accepted.