Punksonomy – social tagging without the social niceties


Punksonomy - Tag This

A recent raid of an abandoned warehouse in downtown Los Angeles this past weekend revealed rough drafts of a new application that intersects Web 2.0 technology with anarchy. This so-dubbed “Punksonomy” relies heavily on social-bookmarking technologies (such as Digg or Deli.cio.us) but removes all aspects of social interaction.

Users of Punksonomy troll through various websites, and “Punk” them with tags that have no relation to the page’s content, and are usually filled with vulgarities, insults and drug references. “Punking” tags are then housed in a large, centralized database administered by the Organization for the Advancement of Anarchy and Social Unrest (OAASU).

Ashton Kutcher likes older womenThey are then disseminated to social misfits worlwide through a complex mobile phone system regulated by AT&T and Verizon. Thus, anarchy is delivered in small, uniform packets of information.

When approached Ashton Kutcher quickly stated “This has nothing to do with me – no comment.”

A gang of suspicious black-clothed, boot-wearing loiterers in the back alley were more open about the new technology:

  • “Yeah, I am a Punksonomist – what the f&^% are your gunna do ’bout it…” said one.
  • “Piss off, ya wanka – or I’ll tag you with this blade!” mentioned another.
  • “Utilizing Punksonomy, rather than creating a top-down taxonomy, we can create a rich heirarchically structured designed to align to informed governance and decision-making.” commented a third, just prior to downing the remainder of his malt liquor. “Urp, I just threw up in my mouth a little” he added.

Punk - like throwing up in your ears