Palin-drones receive firmware update: Palin performs flawless imitation of Tina Fey


In a surprise twist, Republican Vice Presidential Palin-drone robotic candidate Sarah Palin has decided to launch a web-exclusive imitation of Tina Fey doing an impression of the Palin-drone robot Sarah Palin.

Sarah Palin Photo

“It’s uncanny the way the latest software update in the Palin-drone Sarah has been able to imitate Tina Fey, a certifiable comic genius, as she is herself imitating the Palin-drone Sarah Palin,” responded Melissa Shuffield, the McCain Press Secretary. “She really has it down, the folksy way she drops the “g” endings when she speaks, the way she acts a little dumb and condescending to rural voters, bringing up Joe Six Pack and Joe the “I make $250,000 and don’t want to pay an extra $1,500 in taxes” Plumber.”

In fact, Sarah Palin’s recent appearance on Saturday Night Live as Tina Fey imitating vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin appeared flawless:

Some pundits say that the Palin-drone Sarah unwittingly played into the hands of the media elite as she basically took part in skewering herself. Tina Fey was overheard to remark, “It was as if we were barbecuing her and she offered to do the basting.” Ms. Fey added, “Now, wait a second…did you say she was a robot?”

Recently, some conspiracy blogs “revealed” that Sarah Palin was actually a Palin-drone, a kind of backtracking type of robot that imitates the candidates with the goal of reversing their previous public record remarks when it suits them politically. It seems that additional functionality has them sabotaging their own campaigns.

In a related note, the aforementioned “conspiracy site” theory regarding the Palin-drones has been verified as extending throughout the Republican ranks, with pundits and politicos on the right side of the aisle taking on extreme opposing positions – even support of candidates. The latest of which was seen on yesterday’s Meet the Press, when the Colin-drone revealed his support for the presidency: