Obama2.0.1 – president elect brings government online; web surfers bored after 140 characters


President-elect Obama has already taken an aggressive approach to bringing the government online. With his new website www.change.gov and promising to promote his progress through various social media outlets, American web denizens have been waiting with interest and baited breath. Barack’s plan began with his first weekly address on YouTube this past weekend (aka his weekly “fireside chat”):

In response, millions of people rushed to watch the video, causing YouTube servers to be overloaded and close to overheating. The result: delayed download speeds, which quickly caused many Americans to lose interest after a few seconds. There were also numerous platform complaints.

“Why just YouTube?” questioned one loyal Obama supporter, “why not also on Hulu? I get most of my internet TV from Hulu…I had to watch Family Guy instead!”

“Who uses YouTube anymore? I thought that platform lost relevancy years ago, with the Lonelygirl15 debacle,” commented anonymous viewer. “Can’t he put it on Seesmic or even MySpace? Sheesh…”

The video itself features president-elect Barack Obama in a normal set, delivering a quite lengthy speech (at just over 4 minutes). This came as a surprise, as many speculated that “Obama 2.0” would actually begin transmitting his fireside speeches via hologram, into every household in America.

“Frankly, I am disappointed,” commented 25 year-old Shane Hausser from Davenport, Iowa, “I wanted his message delivered to me through my Xbox 360 game so I could learn about the state of the nation while fragging n00bs in Call of Duty 8.”

Due to the response, the president-elect announced today that all future updates will be presented in a format that most people will respond favorably to – presumably at 140 characters at a time.