New Online Study – 67% of Web 2.0 Statistics Made Up on the Spot!


A new study by George Picken & Calvin McCracken released today entitled “Attempting to measure ROI on Web 2.0 Companies – Why Sisyphus Had it Easier” revealed an alarming statistic: 67% of all Web 2.0 statistics are made up on the fly, based on only anecdotal evidence.

George Picken reciting statistics he just made up

George Picken reciting statistics that he just made up

“It’s really amazing” stated Picken, “Not only are the statistics completely unreal, nearly 95% of the time these false statistics are made by people with a peripheral knowledge of  Web 2.0!”

“What’s more surprising are the demographics,” added McCracken, “80% of these false statistics are made up by men aged 25-40. The second largest group are transgendered people aged 90+ at an incredible 17.3%...or so I’ve heard.”

Calvin McCracken and wife

Calvin McCracken, known recluse
and his wife, posturing

Based on a rough survey they did at various local coffee shops around town, Picken & McCracken’s study went on to reveal more surprising data:

  • 53% of Web 2.0 companies are created with no plan to make money, and from that group only 24% of them actually survive the first year
  • 12% of Web 2.0 services are geared to Mac users exclusively, which matches the commonly believed 8% market penetration of Macs within the home computer user segment
  • The three fastest growing Web 2.0 services are:
  1. microblogging (at 33% over the previous year),
  2. social network applications (with a steady average 15% growth rate for the past 6 years)
  3. mashups (with a sharp spike of 42.2%, this year over previous)

Picken & McCracken’s study is expected to cause ripples into the blogosphere (83.4% of all news is transmitted throughout the web through blogs, the study has found).

“Now that it’s published online, it’s gotta be true,” said Picken.

“Yeah, once it’s on the internet it’s part of the collective reality,” added McCracken, “It happens 93.47% of the time.”