New Chuck Norris Unsocial Network:


Following on the heels of Hoffspace, the David Hasselhoff Social Network, Chuck Norris has released his own version of an online community called, an Unsocial Network. Much like lolcats, lolroadkill and lolfurniture, this site is mostly about posting photos with Chuck Norris one-liners:

Chuck Norris does NOT need a social network, the social network needs HIM

Chuck Norris will kick Sh* ASS!

Chuck Norris kicks Fight Club ASS! also has the ability for members to create groups, much like Myspace and Facebook have now. Except on Chuck Norris’ site, these groups are geared less around building a community and more towards fighting one-upmanship, such as the “I could take you” group, or the related “I could take you, and yer mom too” group. Discussions range from schoolyard fight videos to discussions with lines like “This fight would take two hits: I hit you, and you hit the ground!” has also integrated the “Tap-o-wicki” social network for young men who post about their latest (imaginary) conquests, with users in the discussion areas posting about, “Yeah, Marissa Miller and me, yeah, I tapped that,” and “I roundhouse kicked Brad Pitt, and Angelina Jolie left him for me. Yeah, I tapped that twice.”

Marissa Miller and a Photoshopped guys head