Nail the president with a shoe first person shooter announced on Spike TV VGA Premiere


Nail the President

December 15, 2008 SpikeTV Video Game Awards announces controversial first person shooter – “Nail the President!”

During the SpikeTV VGA World Premiere, a suprise entry was previewed, called “Nail the President!”

Gamers have a choice of RPGs, rifles, hand guns, or even, as the video shows, acting as an Iraqi reporter and hurling shoes during a press conference.  You also have the choice of spouting different epithets, such as “This is your farewell kiss, you dog!” or “Merry f*#king Christmas, you overgrown santa’s elf you!” or even, our favorite “What’s the frequency, Kenneth!”

The advanced graphics and realistic setting had news agencies confused as they released the video game segment as an actual news event.

I can’t believe CNN, Fox News and the other agencies reported this as real news, ” replied Dangerous Games producer Wan Dzen. “I mean, c’mon, President Bush can’t move that fast. It’s obviously cgi.”  He adds, “And Iraqi reporters are well-known as deadly accurate shoe throwers – in real life, W wouldn’t stand a chance.”