MyFaceLift – adding “cool” to your online social status


MyFaceLift - cool at a cost

In a unique partnership between five major online social software platforms, the newly formed conglomerate MyGooglyFaceSpaceNewsCorp has already announced plans to release a major software application before the end of the year. Entitled, MyFaceLift, this unique application is designed to “scrape” all major social software applications, looking for new updates in statuses, interests, etc. These updates are then tagged and categorized in a massive database with unique timestamp indicators.

By a subscription service, users of MyFaceLift input a few key socio-economic indicators into a master-template, and then sit back and let MyFaceLift do the rest.

“Unlike most Web 2.0 companies, we have actually built this application with a revenue stream in mind,” said an un-named spokesperson for MyGoogleFaceSpaceNewsCorp, “we plan on selling all personal data we collect to online advertisers – particularly spammers”

“But, it’s important to note,” he went on, “that our users profiles will be the freshest, hippest and coolest on the web. There is no price for that kind of glory.”