McCain Last Ditch Attempt at Online Ads – He Got It Wrong Again!


The McCain camp, after learning this past weekend that not only was Colin Powell supporting his opponent, but that Barack Obama has raised a record breaking $150M in campaign funds last month, has thrown all caution to the wind with their online advertising buys.

Similar to last week’s fiasco of purchasing in-game advertising on the Xbox 360, the McCain/Palin campaign is putting out all stops in purchasing online banner ads in any available ad space (like yooRyoo – see the ad in the lower right hand part of this very page!). Unfortunately, true to McCain’s “maverick” style and impetuous decision-making skills, he has gotten it all wrong again.

Rather than have our readers scour the web for samples of these misplaced, misspoken and highly-unusual ads, yooRyoo has gathered them here for your convenience:

Is this McCain ad racist?

Grumpy old men

VPILF - that\'s all we can say!

Don\'t tell grampa until after he\'s had a \

In a miscalculation, even the click-through URLs of these ads are reportedly wrong, sending users to sites such as, the Sarah Palin Blog and Sarah Palin as President!