McCain follows Obama’s lead – inserts campaign ads into Xbox 360 games


By now, you may have already heard the news that the Obama campaign has started inserting campaign ads into console video games (if you haven’t read the scoop at GigaOm here).


Actual Obama ad in Xbox 360 racing game “Burnout Paradise”

As always, the McCain campaign responded quickly yesterday by releasing news that their campaign will also begin in-game advertising as part of his desperate attempt to appeal to young people – sometimes by even buying the same advertising space!! Here are a list of proposed placements for McCain ads:

McCain - get off my yard, kids!

McCain ad in “FIFA ’07”

McCain - slow down you maniacs!

McCain/Palin 08 ad in “Burnout Paradise”

McCain - gun control my ass!

McCain issue ad in “GTA IV”



    If one of the crucial demographics in the coming Presidential election turns out to be the usually-disengaged young American male, we?ll know what brought him to the polling stations: In-game political advertising on popular Electronic Arts videogame….

  2. […] Ok, this is awesome. If you didn’t keep a close eye on the presidential election this year, you really missed out on a historic moment for this country as well as missed what effects branding and advertising had in the election. From the use of the Internet to viral campaigns from pseudo-plumbers, the election was about reaching the seemingly uncaring. Another way both Barack Obama and John McCain did this was through advertising through video games, also referenced in an earlier post. Obama got the party started in NBA Live, while McCain followed with a more humor-oriented line of advertisements online. Enjoy from our friends at yooRyoo. […]