LOLroadkill – what happens to LOLcats when they get out of the house…


I Can Has Roadkill?

In response to (and revulsion against) the ever popular LOLcats website, a new user-driven-content site has just been launched tentatively named “LOLroadkill.” Just as LOLcats has somehow brought fun to the act of adding stupid sayings to cat pictures and uploading them to share with others, LOLroadkill is designed to do the same, with one exception – namely, replacing pictures of cute cats with disturbing photos of roadkill.

One essential component of the success of LOLroadkill falls in the clever use of LOLspeak – an annoying way to present common phrases in a “clever” way (if, by “clever” we mean annoying…). There are¬†six steps to successfully write in LOLspeak:

  • Try to think of something to say about the picture of your animal (in the case of LOLroadkill, we mean pictures of roadkill). Then try to be even more clever – to the point of annoyance.
  • Using a tool such as Babelfish, convert this saying into a different language and then back to English. In some circles, this is called “Engrishing” your words.
  • Misspell everything in your converted phrase. Replace “s” with “z,” “tion” with “shun,” repeat ad nausuem (and when I say “nauseum” I really mean to the point in which you are nauseated).
  • Add extra words and exclamations to make the saying even more “cute” (i.e. disgustingly stupid). Make self-references to the subject of the picture, or just anything else to make yourself seem more clever to those un-named masses that are sure to enjoy your smarmy humor.
  • Upload the picture and wait for millions of people to comment on how funny and clever you are.
  • Repeat until you feel you have developed a “coolness” reputation on the internet, and then promptly slip back into oblivion.

Some samples of LOLroadkill are below:

LOLroadkill - this saying is pretty clever

LOLroadkill - gosh this is funnier than LOLcats

LOLroadkill - clever and witty means I am smarter than you

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