Lolfurniture: a world in which furniture doesn’t speak correct English


With the success of annoying user-generated sites such as and the Lolcats franchise, web 2.0 users now have an outlet to:

  • Upload cutesy pics of animals
  • Create silly (some would say stupid) alternate spellings of words in some ersatz and imagined view of what the cat in the photo would sound like if it could speak English (in this case, they call it LOLspeak)

This ever-popular (annoying) franchise has created similar-themed UGC sites such as LOLdogs, LOLrus (walrus), and the ever-popular LOLroadkill.

It was only a matter of time before inanimate objects would get the “LOL” treatment. In an effort to sate the insatiable appetite of online users wanting to present themselves as cute and smarmy, the makers of LOLroadkill have creates an entirely new user-generated social community entitled: Lolfurniture:

lolfurniture: I can haz fat asses?

lolfurniture: I iz two hawt. Geyoff me!

lolfurniture: Tastz good! I eats it!

Immediately, online retail giants, such as Amazon, Walmart, and Target have modified their web-catalogues with the ability for users to “LOLspeak” their furniture wares. Now, not only can you find a great baby cradle online at a reasonable price, you can “LOL” yourself to sleep on it!