Lifeverse – get a life for your second life


A uni-verse for your Second LifeThe virtual world never sleeps. Your avatars are awake and waiting for your next command. Feel a tad guilty when you go to sleep? No one to take care of your avatars while you are gone? Lifeverse to the rescue!

Lifeverse is a 2D world for your 3D characters, a world in which your avatars create avatars in a subverse (did you get that?) for them to play with during the times when you can’t play with them. Never again feel guilty about the 5 hours of “downtime” (sleep) when you are unable to give your avatars direction. Know that your 3rd level warlock is able to direct the actions of a student at Manassas University getting her first roofie at the Chi Delta Delta frat party. When it’s time for you to wake up and play they are ready too! No guilt for your absence since they will be with their electronic pacifier.

Put the POW back in your WOW!


  1. I am so impressed with this service – I was having trouble with my Level 54 Palladin, trying to attain the next level. I kept being bothered by those pesky bathroom breaks and sleep-periods. I asked my Romanian cousin to play for me through the wee hours, but he just visited the Underworld brothels, with little regard for powering up!

    I next tried casting a Level 4 “Spell of Ongoing Determination” but must have slipped with my mouse, as my avatar suddenly was frozen and I had to reboot my computer. And this was a Core 2 processor! What a gyp!

    But then, after installing Lifeverse, suddenly my Palladin kept fighting the Krak Demons – even while I had to go to the fridge to refill my redbull! Wow – suddenly I had ample time to pursue those neccessary things that I have been neglecting – like finding flexi-hair for my SecondLife avatar!

    I heard rumor that V2.1 will feature cross-platform and multi-avatar support. Boy, will my online girlfriend be surprised!