Leaving behind his Zune and iPod, Obama spotted with “state of the art” Rio MP3 player


After rumors surfaced late last week that President-elect Obama was working out in a Philadelphia gym with a Zune MP3 player, journalist zealots have been desperate to resolve the Barack question “iPod vs. Zune.”

yooRyoo has discovered some startling news: future President Obama is partial to neither the Microsoft or Apple MP3 players, and instead prefers to use a Rio PMP300 as his personal electronic music device.

Barack Obama\'s preferred music device

“Look, my Rio is a special heirloom that was given to me by my ex-rival McCain,” Obama stated during an impromptu press conference in an Akron, OH “Curves for Men” on Monday, “It’s reminiscent of the epic battle the Arizona senator staged…and lost…on a national front. It’s a reminder a time forgotten when there was only a 32MB capacity – which means one could play almost five whole songs at a time for nearly 30 minutes at a stretch.”

When asked which songs he has loaded on his Rio Player, the President-elect’s spokesperson distributed a sheet containing the following tracks:

  • “Circus” by Brittney Spears
  • “If I Were a Boy” by Beyonce
  • “Heartless” by Kayne West
  • “Rehab” – by Amy Winehouse
  • and 1/2 of “All I Want for Christmas is You” by Mariah Carey

As a follow up, Barack Obama added, “In this tough economy, I ask all Americans to sacrifice in a small way to help better the country. By the way, does anyone have any AA batteries I could borrow?”