iTele-Phoni – Computer Networks: cool is as cool does



iTele-phoni makes network cabling cool again!

Remember when Networking was cool? Okay, maybe you are too young, but back in the day anything to do with computer networking was cool with a capital “K”. It was sooo cool to be able to spout jargon like LAN/WAN or even PAN, are you withit MAN? With computer networks, you could even do the CAN/CAN!

iTele-phoni puts a cool sheen over network cabling: the cables are sheathed in a flexible plitanium coated surface which reflects the light in a prismatic effect. Aesthetics do matter, even if it’s the same old cabling being buried under 5 feet of dirt.

Photo of Web 2.0 Network Technology iTele-Phoni with some guy holding it

Critics, unfazed by the financial success of iTele-phoni, are unmoved:

“They are just encasing the same old network cable in a shiny sheath – nothing revolutionary about that,” responds John J. Jingleheimerschmidt, a networking exec at the Cable Stable. “It’s not even using new technology. Comcast came out with that sheath back in the 90’s. All they are doing is playing catch up.”

Mr. Jingleheimerschmidt did have to admit that iTele-Phoni’s marketing machine is second to none.

“Hey, they can put lipstick on a dog and make it sexy, I’ll give them that, but revolutionary it is not.

iTele-Phoni was announced at the CableWorld Conference in San Francisco on June 8th. The iTele-Phoni’s network cable will transform IP packets into it’s own proprietary IP packet, which will only be able to be deciphered by users using Motorola modems. Software to jail break the proprietary IP packet is being released by independent software developers and is reportedly available on Craigslist and Ebay.

iTele-Phoni – bringing sexyback into the plumbing!

Bringing sexyback to Network cabling: iTele-Phoni