Is It Real #9: the iHologram


Is It Real? - a test of your Web 2.0 savvy

Happy Sunday, yooRyoo readers. Today we present another verson of “Is It Real?” – the web 2.0 guessing game that’s sweeping the nation! Here’s how the rules work – every Sunday, we feature a web 2.0 company, application or service and give you a brief description of what it is and how it works. Then we ask our readers to vote on whether it is real, or not.

The twist is that you cannot use the web in anyway to help you find the answer. The voting polls stay open all week (encourage your friends to come out and vote). Then, the following Friday (in our Friday Fishwrap) we reveal the answer.

So, now that you understand the rules, let’s introduce today’s application – called “iHologram.”

This iPhone application is a 3D animation program, and works by assuming a constant viewing angle (35-45 degrees), typical for when the device is placed on a tabletop. The 3d scene’s perspective is then warped using anamorphic perspective, making the object appear to jump off the screen.

It’s hard to describe – it might be better just to see it in action:

While not available through the iTunes appstore yet, interest in the iHologram is high and sales are expected to go through the roof!

So, yooRyoo readers, we ask: without searching Google or using the web in any way, Is iHologram real? Vote below and tune in next Friday for the results.

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