Is It Real #5: “I Tend to Fart in Public” – a Facebook group


Happy Sunday, yooRyoo followers. As you know, every Sunday we like to bring you a feature called “Is It Real?” – where we present a web 2.0 company or technology, give you a brief overview of the product, and then ask you to decide if it’s real or not. We reveal the answer to you on Friday, so you have a whole week to vote!

Here’s the catch: you can’t use the web in any way to determine if the company is real or not. You just have to guess, based on what’s presented of you. So, without any more ado, here is this Sunday’s “Is It Real?“…

As you know Facebook allows members to gather together under formal “groups” – thus, proclaiming your likeness with other denizens of this social network. To that end, Facebook users have created a group called “I Tend to Fart in Public” with the following description:

This is a group for sharing horror stories about farting in a socially unacceptable setting. it’s happened to all of us and we could all use a safe place to talk about it.
There are currently 23 members of this group, but once the word gets out, they expect an explosive rise in new members…
So, yooRyoo readers, we ask: Is “I Tend to Fart in Public” real? Vote below!
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