Is It Real #4: “Twannabe” – be a poseur on Twitter!


Is It Real? - a test of your Web 2.0 savvyIt’s time for the weekly installment of Is It Real? – where a Web 2.0 company or technology is presented, along with a brief description of what the product actually does and then we ask the yooRyoo readers: is it a real company or not? Here’s the catch – you can’t use the web in anyway to help you with your guess!

We’ll run the poll all week, and provide the answer next Friday. Think you’re up to the challenge? Let’s go:

Imagine this scenario: you got your Twitter account and found two dozen people to follow (and maybe half of those follow you), but you really don’t feel popular enough. But, some of the people you are following have hundreds – thousands – of people they follow. Surely there’s a reason for their popularity. So, how do you get as popular on Twitter?

No problem – Twannabe is here! Twannabe allows you to enter in the name of one of your “Twitter Heroes” and it automatically determines which of those thousands of contacts you should be following!!! Simply add those contacts to your “follow” list, and voila – Twitter popularity automated for all of us Twitter poseurs!

Note: this is limited to only 2000 contacts…sorry!

So, Is It Real? fans, it’s time to ask: Is Twannabe Real? Vote below!

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  1. Wow – I really hope this new technology is actually true. I’ve been struggling to get more than 100 “followers” on Twitter – particularly since I believe I want to start my very own Twitter-cult, and have all my followers wear Nike tennis-shoes and start talking about the second coming of Naked Steve Jobs.

    I can’t wait to find out on Friday what the results are!