Is It Real #2: “MiPhone” – find out how many of your friends have the new iPhone 3G!


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Time for the second installment of “Is It Real.” With all of the excitement surrounding the new iPhone 3G, and the release of the much anticipated iPhone apps store, a number of exciting applications are now available through iTunes. But none as more powerful as this week’s “Is It Real?” entry:

MiPhone (pronouned “My-Phone”) is a unique social-networking tool that allows iPhone users to identify other iPhone 3G users (using the internal GPS device), so they can mingle and congregate, and generally look down at all non-iPhone cell-phone users.

For only $4.99, MiPhone is available through the iTunes app-store for a limited time.

So, “Is It Real” fans, it’s time to guess – is MiPhone real?  No fair searching the apps store in iTunes to find out! The real answer will be given this Friday!

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