Is It Real #14: Is Hamsterster really a social network for your Hamster?


Is It Real? - a test of your Web 2.0 savvyWelcome to this Sunday’s edition of “Is It Real?” where we present to you a Web 2.0 company/product/service, and ask you to guess – without the use of the internet at all – whether it’s real or not. We collect votes all week, and then the following Friday, we reveal the real answer. Ready to get started?

Today we feature an ever-popular niche that’s making its way to the internet – social networking for your pet. You may have heard of, or even – social networking platforms where dog or cat owners can create online profiles for their lovable, furry friends.

Now we bring you Hamsterer – a social networking community for small, furry, rodents. No, this isn’t some horrible Richard Gere joke site – this site is legit, and gives Hamster owners a platform to write, blog and even Tweet about little “ChesterBee” or “Mr. SnuggleMuffin.” This social networking platform for Hamster lovers has proved to be a genuine international success!

chesterbee - isn\'t he cute?

So, dear yooRyoo readers, the task is upon you – without searching the web in any way – make a decision: is Hamsterer a real online community for Hamster owners, or are we making it up? Vote below and tune back in on Friday for the results:

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