Is It Real #12: LegalForce – social networking for lawyers


Is It Real? - a test of your Web 2.0 savvy

Happy Sunday and welcome to our regular Sunday feature called “Is It Real?“…where you guess if the web 2.0 company/product/service that we present to you today is real.

You see, we give you just enough information to grasp the concept of what we’re presenting, and then ask you to vote – without the help of the web in ANY WAY – if this company is real or not. Voting runs all week, and we reveal the real answer this Friday in the Friday Fishwrap.

Today we present to you a social networking site dedicated to lawyers. Called “LegalForce,” this site allows you to join only if you are a lawyer (all other people will either be sued or pressured into instigating legal action against another!). LegalForce currently has close to 150,000 lawyers enrolled, and provides a platform to share contacts and information about current rulings.

Moreover, it has a special section called “the Water Cooler” where fellow lawyers can start threads about certain topics (“What is the bonus at Cheatem, Lyum and Steele if you become a Jr. Partner?”) or qvetch about that pesky criminal trial you are working on (“How can I trick the judge into giving me a four day recess, because I have tickets to Guadalajara for a long weekend?”).

It seems that every profession has some form of social networking, and LegalForce is the one for lawyers.

So, yooRyoo readers, I ask – is LegalForce real? And be careful of how you answer, they may be watching…

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