Is It Real #10: McDnlds – a fast-food social network


Is It Real? - a test of your Web 2.0 savvy

It is time for this week’s “Is It Real?” feature – where we scour the internet to find a web 2.0 company that defies the imagination and challenges the credulity of the “new media.”

Here’s how it works – every week we present an online company, and give a brief description of the services it provides. We give you just enough information to understand the concept and then we challenge you to vote on if the company is real, or not. Trick is: you cannot surf the web to find the answer!

Think you’re up to the challenge? Well, then let’s proceed with this week’s entry:

McDnlds - a fast food social networkMcDnld’s: a social network based on your fast food experience. Yes, McDonald’s – home of the Golden Arches – are launching into the web 2.0 fray with their very own social networking site. Called “McDnlds,” this platform is designed for kids and adults alike to share in their eating experience.

Children are presented with Flash-animated Ronald McDonald’s and Grimaces, guiding them through fun online-games and challenges. Reward points are earned that eventually can be redeemed for a small-size fries at their local McDonalds.

Adults, on the other hand, are presented with a cool, MySpace-like interface, allowing them to upload pictures of themselves (presumably while eating Big Macs or drinking Shamrock Shakes), list their favorite music, make friends, and even are given a forum to “blog” about their McDonald’s experience. It is rumored that the best blog posting will enter them into a chance to be a star of an upcoming McDonald’s commercial.

With this upcoming launch, other fast-food companies are planning to launch their own online-communities, including: MyWendy’s, BurgerKingBook, and KFCspace.

So, dear readers, without using the web in anyway, vote below on whether you think McDnld’s is actually real. We’ll reveal the true answer – and the results of our poll – on Friday (in our “Friday Fishwrap” post). Until then, happy voting!

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