iClock – DRM time updates


In a surprise announcement at the World Wide Clock Manufacturing (WWCM) conference, Steve Jobs’s keynote revealed Apple’s plan to enter into the time-providing industry with the upcoming release of iclock. Built on the ever-popular Shuffle form factor, iclock is designed to provide exclusive updates to the time (as well as hold up to 1 hour of music). To receive updates to time, users will have to subscribe through iTunes to receive AAIC content time content. These unique feeds allows users to fast-forward through unpopular hours (8:00am on Monday mornings) to the time they desire (5:00pm on Friday).

“Apple is delivering reality to the old adage ‘It’s 5’clock somewhere’…with the iclock, it really can be 5 o’clock ANYWHERE.” said Jobs, “The days of boring meetings are over – iclock can take you right to the time you want, whenever you want it.”

i-clock - boring meetings are things of the pastIn addition to delivering standard hour/min/sec updates, the iclock can be configured to deliver audible voice-overs from well-known celebrities. With the initial release, artists such as Metallica, REM and Madonna have already agreed to lend their voices to the iclock.

In a quick response to this announcement, Coldplay has already announced plans to release DRM-free time updates via their website, available for download – at whatever the price users think fair.