Have you Iboo’d?



Combing the latest in mobile connectivity, Iboo’s platform converges GPS technology with Twitter-like functionality, with frequent updates to your connected community as to your exact location – at any given point in time. Built an a scalable platform, Iboo can be configured to provided second-by-second updates through a micro-blog, and sent to your friends’ mobile devices. Sample:

  • 12:04am – in bed, sleeping on left side
  • 12:05am – still in bed, turned onto your back
  • 12:06am – stirring in bed – cat jumped on bed
  • 12:07am – in the bathroom, taking a pee
  • 12:08am – back in bed – threw the cat out of the room

These interesting updates can be configured to be sent to any mobile device, iPod touch, PDA, PC, Mac or Linux platform.


  1. 7:15pm – Installed Iboo on Windows Vista machine – works great!
    7:16pm – Computer rebooted
    7:17pm – Ah, got the system stabilized…looks like it’s running gre….
    7:18pm – Computer rebooted
    7:17pm – Wondering what’s the problem. Could it be Vist…
    7:17.30pm – Computer rebooted
    7:18pm – Argh! This damn comput…
    7:18.30pm – Computer rebooted
    7:19 pm – I hate Vis…
    7:19.15pm – Computer rebooted
    7:20pm – Computer tossed out of window, falling 20 floors
    7:31pm – Computer approaching Elm Avenu…..*GRZSKJ*
    7:45pm – Installed Iboo on my MacBook – works great!

  2. 6:15pm Crushed mine enemies
    7:10pm Heard da lamentations of da vimen
    7:30pm Drink mead
    7:50pm Tell god to stay out of da vay
    8:00pm Sharpen sword
    8:15pm By Crom you vill obey me vench!
    8:30pm Heard da lamentations of da vimen
    9:00pm Sleep and dream of Crom, by Crom!

  3. 6:15pm You won’t like it when I’m angry
    7:10pm Slapped on the face by evil person
    7:30pm Aarrggarargh!!!
    7:50pm HULK WILL SMASH!!!
    8:00pm HULK WILL SMASH!!!
    8:15pm HULK WILL SMASH!!!
    8:30pm flower?
    9:00pm HULK WILL SMASH!!!
    9:15pm HULK WILL SMASH!!!
    9:30pm HULK WILL SMASH!!!
    10:30pm Where am I? Omigod, what have I done?