Google Wave name changed to “Wave Goodbye”


In a surprise move yesterday, Google announced that it was renaming their ever-popular Wave product to a more-appropriately named Wave Goodbye and planned to integrate all services into their other successful product suites Orkut and Google Answers.

“Look, we realize that every time we launch a Google product, it’s a big deal,” said Google CEO Eric Schmidt in a press conference last night, “When we first launched Wave, we were handing out invitations like they were Golden Tickets to our chocolate factory. But, honestly, have you ever tried to use the service? I’m the CEO, and even I can’t figure it out. It’s a natural evolution of this product.”

In response, hundred of developers throughout the world gathered together to create a “Wave” to attempt an online collaborative discussion that could be updated in real-time, and integrated with their gmail accounts. After a few failed attempts, they turned to Twitter instead.

“This is what happens when you launch a product built by engineers for engineers,” added Schmidt. “And do I have to remind you – we never released it from beta, anyway.”

Schmidt did not respond to rumors that Google Buzz will be renamed Google Buzzkill, and that both products would be integrated into their competitive social network, Google Meh.