gaiMarrij 2.0


gaimarrij2.0 - online acceptance of same-sex unions

With the much-reported “celebritization” of same-sex marriages by the ever-popular Brangelina (Brad Pitt: “Angie and I will consider tying the knot when everyone else in the country who wants to be married is legally able“), the quick-rising San Francisco based HomoWeb Inc. has just released their first Web 2.0 technology entitled “gaiMarrij 2.0

This new technology allows same-sex couples to enter a parallel universe where all expressions of love are approved of as long as they are between consenting adults, i.e. the Internet.

“Let’s face it, anyone can do just about anything online,” said Bruce, Homo Inc.’s CIO, “we are just trying to make some money off that concept.”

Bruce and Steve working hard in R&D

With a flashy interface, and downloadable “widgets”, gaiMarrij 2.0 confers all the rights of straight marriage – property inheritance, conferring health benefits to partners and miserable late-night fights over who left the toilet seat up – to gay and lesbian couples throughout the world.

Co-founder and lead developer Steve added: “gaiMarrij 2.0 creates an online social environment where our lifestyle is not just allowed, it is fully accepted as self-evidently right and correct. It’s kinda like Second Life, but a lot less scarier. And with fewer Furries.”

WTF are furries?

Details of the world premiere of this new software application were leaked to TMZ, Access Hollywood and Entertainment Tonight that outlined plans for many major stars to logon and create their own avatars, with a grand finale of the highly-coveted Brad and Angelina Jolie Union streamed in real-time, and finally consumating their – at times – unholy partnership.

When reached for confirmation, Brad announced, “I don’t remember saying anything about getting married to Angelina…are you sure that’s not some sort of internet hoax or satire?”


  1. I found Steve’s comments furriphobic and I surprised that this website carries such bigotry. What about marriage between a man and a cat girl full of cookie goodness? Where do they go? What about their half-girl/ half-cat nekomimi offspring their love produces?

    Some close minded people may think a catgirl caught between two worlds would not find love, but there is more love in a cosplay convention than in your little virtual world, Steve. As the child of Furry and Klingon parents, I’m a testament that it CAN work.