Friday Fishwrap: Life 2.0 and is the MiPhone Real?


Welcome to the Friday Fishwrap! Today’s featured video is a product that could have been featured on our site: Life 2.0, created by Zeke Shore.

“Is It Real” poll results: the MiPhone:

If you recall, last Sunday we introduce you to MiPhone:a new Apple iPhone 3G application (available through the iTunes app store) that is a micro-social network, allowing users to locate others nearby (using iPhone’s internal GPS services) that also have an iPhone. This social network was designed with one purpose in mind – to allow those elitist iPhoners to gather together and deride non-iPhone cell phone users.

We asked you – Is It Real? Here are the results:

  • 50% said “no”
  • 25% said “yes”
  • 25% said “maybe”

The real answer – the MiPhone is not real! However, many people I talked to said it should be. Tune in this Sunday for the next installment of “Is It Real?”…have a great weekend!