Friday Fishwrap (8-29-08): FaceBook in Reality


yooRyoo\'s Friday Fishwrap!

Happy Friday before a three day weekend! As always, on Friday, we at yooRyoo share the results of last Sunday’s “Is It Real?” poll and then share a funny, relevant video making fun of Web 2.0. Today – as an added bonus for this extended weekend – we’ll also share some additional technology links that we find to be pretty funny.

First, let’s reveal the answer to “Is It Real?” – last Sunday, we highlighted a company called Estilook – a Portugeuse fashion site that allows people worldwide to judge other people’s fashion sense. A brief company description:

Estilook is an innovative social community directed toward people who have proper style. Our mission is to provide a democratic space where people of some countries, cultures can show and share its styles, interacting with other users of similar interests.

We asked you to vote, and vote you did – all week long. But now the polls are closed and here are the results:

  • 60% of you thought it was real
  • 20% said no
  • 20% said they didn’t know

This just goes to show – once again – that you readers are great at separating the real companies from the fake ones. Estilook is indeed real – check out their website at:

Enjoy the start of this long weekend with a funny British skit from YouTube called “FaceBook in Reality”…

Added bonus – extra-special content!!!!

As I mentioned, we found that MSN posted a few links in their Technology section this week.  While these postings had nothing to do with us, I am sure the MSN editors secretly visit our site and were inspired by yooRyoo.

They’re worth a look (even though the interface leaves something to be desired…what can you expect from Microsoft).

Incidentally, these links were forwarded to us by our good friend, and loyal reader, Jim Merrion (thanks for sending our way, Jim!). Feel free to submit your ideas at any time through our Submission button.

Come back this Sunday for a brand new posting of “Is It Real?” – and have a great weekend!