Friday Fishwrap (8-19-08): McCain invents the Blackberry


yooRyoo\'s Friday Fishwrap!

Happy Friday, everyone! Every Friday, yooRyoo posts a few fun, online videos that will help you make it through the day and safely into the weekend. This week has been a rocky one with the financial news, but luckily one exciting technical bit of news was reveal – we finally found out who invented the Blackberry!!

No, it’s not the Canadian firm Research in Motion – it’s republican presidential nominate, John McCain (presumably when he was still alive)!!

Needless to say, Al Gore was nonplussed with the news. And Sarah Palin, when asked for comment, remarked “He invented Blackberries? Wow – and I just baked a pie full of them! He’s a genius!”

To celebrate this great advancement, yooRyoo presents a series of videos on this significant accomplishment – enjoy and have a great weekend!

John McCain Blackberry Ad

John McCain Genius Ad


  1. […] In partnership with the new T-Mobile G1 Phone is one of the first open source applications built exclusively for the so-called “gPhone” – and just in time for the presidential election. While this new cell phone from Google (aka “the Android”)has  dubbed the “iPhone killer” and alternately the “Blackberry killer,” (in some circles, called the “McCain killer” in reference to the Republican Presidential nominations’ PR gaffe stating that the Senator invented the ubiquitous Blackberry). […]