Friday Fishwrap (8-15-08): The Rise and Fall of Twitter


Happy Friday – it’s time for the Friday Fishwrap. Before our video, here are the results of last Sunday’s “Is It Real?” poll. We asked if the FaceBook group “I Tend to Fart in Public” is real…I mean, I know there are crazy FaceBook groups, but can this one actually exist?

  • 67% of you thought it was indeed real (I worry about you people)
  • 33% thought it was fake (like none of you have ever farted in public…)

The answer? “I Tend to Fart in Public” is indeed real! For those of you with FaceBook profiles, here’s the link (yes, it’s a private group – I wonder why). Tune in this Sunday for our next installment of “Is It Real?

Until then, we leave you this Friday with a great, viral clip that features a well-known WWII figure struggling with his Twitter posts – enjoy!