Friday Fishwrap (11-14-08): “How to Behave on a Forum”


yooRyoo\'s Friday Fishwrap!

Happy Friday! On today’s Friday Fishwrap we reveal to you the results of last Sunday’s “Is It Real?” and then share with you a fun, geeky video we found on the www…ready to get started?

Last Sunday, we presented Hamsterster – a social networking site, along the lines of Dogster and Catster, where Hamster owner could create profiles for their furry rodents and share them with fellow Hamster-owners (“Have you seen Mr. Cuddlewinks profile – I just uploaded new pics of him in his plastic ball!”). Then we asked you to vote, if it’s indeed real. Here are the results:

  • 29% thought it was real
  • 29% thought it wasn’t
  • 43% weren’t sure (and voted “maybe”)

The real answer – Hamsterster is INDEED REAL!!! And check out these fun pictures pulled from the site (of Patchy, Twinkle Toes and Mr. Bothari, respectively):

patchy - isn\'t he cute?twinkletoes - isn\'t he cuteMr. bothari - isn\'t he cute?

I am not sure I should be disturbed by Hamsterster, or just accept it. Anyway, now on to our video:

This Friday Fishwrap clip was forwarded to me by Jerimiah Owyang, and I thought would make a perfect – albeit geeky – video inclusion in today’s posting. Please enjoy, “How to Behave on a Forum”

How To Behave On A ForumFunny videos are here

With that, have a great weekend! Tune in this weekend for a Special Obama2.0 update post!