FauxFace – the newest in social updating!


fauxface - the newest in social networkingTired of having to update your social networking sites? Allow Fauxface to take on the stress of daily updates. Utilizing a team of skilled updaters (completely fluent in English) and open access to online photo sites (such as Flickr and iStockPhoto), our company will assume the burden of social updates, including statuses, uploading new photo albums, interacting with your friends, texting, Pandora updates and a variety of other day-to-day activities that you want to convey to your friends. New – our specialized Scrabulous team will guarantee an online edge to any social game. Our hourly rates are affordable – to learn more, check out MySpace page: www.MySpace.com/MyNameisBoub


  1. Wow – this is amazing! What a great tool – I never knew such a resource existed until I was spending three hours with my toll-free computer support person (he said his name was Jim), and he told me the reason why he couldn’t fix my computer problem quicker was because he was also updating someone’s FaceBook page.

    When I asked to learn more, I realized – this is something I’ve been looking for! I’ve grown white and pasty from all my online updates…but now I could actually go outside and play frisbee again! Hooray! If it weren’t for FauxFace, my life would be filled with one status update after another. Thanks!