Denver area man thinks posting videos of his vacation is still cool

Denver area man still thinks video posts are cool

It’s kind of embarassing, doesn’t he know that is sooo 2006?” remarked Cristobal Boyar DeFrancisco on Denver area man posting short videos of his trip to Buenos Aires:

Denver area man still thinks video posts are cool

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“I mean, c’mon, he even records it sideways, how whack is that?” adds Cristobal Boyar DeFrancisco. “That’s not even 2006, that is soooo 1996.”

Ricardo Montalban, a friend of the unnamed Denver man, says, “I don’t know what the big deal is, are we so enamored of new technology that we can’t appreciate older, or even current technology? I mean, that attitude itself is soooo 1876, you know, the year Graham Bell invented the first telephone. When that was invented, Marconi was overheard saying, ‘So what, now I can talk to my neighbor, but with radio, I can talk to the world!’ Just goes to show you, there’s always something new.”

Bell telephone - new tech, same as the old tech

Cristobal Boyar DeFrancisco responds, “Yeah, I wouldn’t use one of those stanky old phones either.” Asked what he thought was the best tech going, Cristobal rubs his chin for a moment and says, “Social networks based on Chuck Norris, it’s either that or interactive dinosaur toys. That my friend is bleeding edge.”