Demoticons! Scramble!


Are you IMing and are trying to convey what you are feeling, but your feelings are too complex for just a simple smiley or frowney face Emoticon? Well Demoticons are your answer! Demoticons are for those mixed states where you really are not sure how you are feeling. Some Demoticons are:

  • ;-\ Wanting to get back together with your abusive ex, but knowing you shouldn’t feel that way demoticon.
  • >:| Disagreeing with a co-worker, but not wanting to say anything to “rock the boat” demoticon.
  • /:> Attracted to a co-worker while discussing business matters. And she’s your boss demoticon.
  • :-[ Silently judging you demoticon.
  • >: ) Looking both pleased and angry, similar to a sarcastic expression, but with more heat demoticon.
  • >: ( Making a business presentation, but really needing to take a dump in the middle of it demoticon.

demoticonMore Demoticons are being created everyday, and some say that a new pictorial language is being developed from the introduction of Emoticons, and now Demoticons. There are even differences in how different nations do emoticons such as the Japanese smiley (done upright, so that you don’t have to tilt your head to the left to read it): (^_^). Demoticons for the Japanese are also being developed for mixed states. The equivalent one for “Giving a presentation, but really needing to make a brown baby is: (*´_`*) being “Both pleased and angry, similar to a sarcastic expression, but with more heat” would be  o(>_< )o and stoned, of course, is (0_0).

Please submit any Demoticons you come up with and we will consider them for a new posting! Yay!