Dedd – better left dead


Dedd - where the internet comes to dieDedd is a place for people to discover and bury dead content from anywhere on the web. From the biggest online destinations to the most obscure blog, Dedd buries the oldest, least relevant and least popular stuff as voted on by our users.Think of it as the Google of…well, just think of it as Google.

“I was doing research for a paper I was writing,” says student Arla Krapsmackle, “What I didn’t realize was that the 1st article returned was written in 1992, totally irrelevant.”

The vast majority of stuff on the web is irrelevant, outdated, or just plain stupid. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) experts have taken over the web, ranking websites higher than some well-respected government and educational websites where very relevant information can be had.

Well, now there is a place to stuff all those pages: Dedd. When you come across a page that is not relevant to your search, or is stupid, or you disagree with, or is just plain dumb – you have the option to Deddit. Click that Dedd icon and bury that mother in the Dedd archives. With enough votes you will never have to see that site come up in Google, Yahoo or ever again!



  1. I have to say I’m really impressed with your posts and blog overall. I stumbled on your site accidentally but am now happy I did. I’ll be stopping in to read more often now. Thanks again !