Death Row – A New Type of Second Life…or Death


Deathrow - second life or death!

(Concept submitted by Tim Buck)

The company that brought you the SIMcrime game and the ever-popular sequel, SIMprison, now introduce the newest MMOG experience – Death Row!

“Beta-tested in our Federal prison system for the past five years, I think we’re ready to release this hot gaming platform to the public,” says Dirk Dirkwheed, CEO of DOA Games, “Our existing players are eager to interact with others ‘outside the walls,’ so to speak.”

The gaming experience is similar to the ever-popular Second Life, where players create an avatar and outfit them with a variety of hairstyles, tattoos and body piercings, along with one of five styles of body suits. The avatar is then quickly placed in solitary confinement in a massive online prison system. With nothing but a dark jail cell around them, and no interaction with other players, the gaming experience quickly drives players to reflect on their solitude and the actions they have done.

Occasional interactions with jailors (moderators) are slowly introduced to the gaming experience, where bits of virtual food and bibles are shoved under the door. “We’re really excited by the game – online players are used to sitting and staring for long periods of time,” said Dirk, “We expect this game to be huge!”

Eventually, the game play evolves into challenging users to break out of jail, where they could begin interacting with other players. Some are actual incarcerated felons, and they can guide you into other dark environments in the game.

Dirkwheed went on to explain that future expansion packs will offer lawyers the ability to “practice” their techniques on existing gamers, and the much-anticipated Electric Chair expansion kit.

Expect Death Row to hit the shelves just in time for the Christmas shopping season this year!


  1. I was beta-raped in this game last week for 5 hours during a test of the shower room. How do I contact DOA games to give me my pride and sense of self-worth back?