Crapulous – the newest Facebook game application from Hasbro


crapulous - it\'s better than Scrabulous

In a crazy move (on a triple-word play, no less), Hasbro games announced today the release of one of their newest online, Facebook game application – Crapulous!

Crapulous is an ASCII-based application available through the Facebook application interface, allowing users to clumsily play against a “computer-generated AI” player through command-line scripts.

“Loosely fashioned after such engaging games as Zork and that one the Matthew Broderick kid played in ‘Wargames,’ we’re convinced Crapulous will be as popular as ICQ,” commented Hasbro spokesperson, Crash Bandicoot.

wargames - take that WOPR

Although early beta-tests revealed difficulty installing the command-line window interface on most computers, Crapulous has already gained a significant early install base, revealed Mr. Bandicoot. “We’re definitely excited by the usability testing on Windows NT machines, but only those with more than 256kb of RAM,” he added.

Nonplussed, the creators of Scrabulous have already released their replacement game, WordScraper, and have already tracked more than 8 billion installs.

Hasbro has already tentatively announced a complete roadmap of ASCII-based games for Facebook, through the remainder of 2008, including:

  • BattleCrap – face off against another player, in this exciting, turn-by-turn script-based battle game
  • CrappyLand – where kids and adults move simple emoticons through a flat, 2-dimensional land of fun
  • Hungry Hungry Crappos – exciting turn-based action, where you compete to “eat” more “&” symbols than your computer based foes
  • Oper-crap-tion – your skill at kernel commands is put to the test…fail, and you might hear the dulcit sound of an 8-bit alarm tone from your speakers