Alterebo – the next step in (secret) social networking


We take the “social” out of social networking.

Why go through the trouble of creating a secret identity (so your boss won’t know), and then having to port it over from Friendster to Myspace and then to Facebook or whatever flavor of the month social media?

And what about the pain of informing your real friends of your new secret identity, and then the pain of getting your friends to port over as well?

Well, now your worries are over!

After filling out a short form we will create a new secret identity for you, complete with friends, friend comments, interests and more. We will even blog, comment and send out fake party and event notices to all your fake friends.

Be the life of the (virtual) party!


  1. Thank GOD someone came up with this. It was so hard managing all my secret identities, leaving out key details in my blogs, changing the names of ex-girlfriends and my siblings and friends, going so far as to changing their sex! I was once writing as one Hafir Amasunvagun Khan, an Amish breeder of Alpaca’s in the woods of Pennsylvania. I changed my mistress to be one of my favored Alpaci, but my steady grilfriend STILL found me out! It was all in my description of my Alpaca Shamalong’s flaxen curls I would smell longingly before she was shorn to sell at market. How she found out, I will never know!

    But now with Alterebo there is zero chance of her finding out about my extra-relational conquests! I am saved!