Yooryoo.com is a satrical website focusing on the inanities and insanities of Web 2.0. By striving to present to you the “newest and bestest” technologies, we really are commenting on the fact that new tools and technologies that serve to make life easier and fun on the web, really are a waste of time…not to mention, there’s no business model affixed to them.

Yooryoo.com is constantly seeking out new ideas, suggestions and general improvements from all of our readers globally (I know Web 2.0 is just as silly in Uzbekestan as it is here in America). We’ll use our site as a spring-board to highlight your ideas on new and relevant web services. Have a good idea? Let us know by emailing us…and who knows – maybe a VC firm might pick up on the idea, and send you a big, fat investment check!

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